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Power can be described in various contexts but our favorite kind of power is the power that is harvested within ourselves. The power to get things done, the power to push ourselves even further, and the power to shape the condition or state of the mind and body. Our first collection is made with a very powerful person in mind, which is YOU. You inspire us, you push us and now we are giving you what you deserve: stylish and functional activewear designs. Our very-first collection entitled "Powerful One" is designed to empower you to achieve your fitness goals in style. We want the clothes to not just be a source of motivation but also a feeling of pride for you.  We are dedicated to helping you reach and go beyond your limits in fitness through fashion.


Here in Powerful Clothes, we believe that your activewear wardrobe can do more than just make you look good.  We marry both function and fashion throughout the collection. Our activewear selection offers comfort, support, and durability hence helping improve your overall performance during exercise. Our "Powerful One" collection is designed in thoughtful cuts and lines for a classic yet modern approach. Made in high-quality fabric to give you comfort in your workouts. Our color-blocked panels enhance your shape and elevate your style game.  These clothes are ideal for your versatile workout lifestyle whether you are an active gym-goer, a yoga enthusiast, or anything else in-between. The collection carries both hard and soft looks for both high-performance workouts and zen practices.


Our collection is broken down into two lines: the Hard Powerful One and the Soft Powerful One. Our "Hard Powerful One" is inspired by hard and high-powered individuals. They enjoy high-intensity and explosive routines in their workouts and always thrive to push harder than anyone else.  It is available in our color combination of fiery red and black. On the other hand, our "Soft Powerful One" is inspired by zen loving individuals that crave not just physical fitness but also mental wellness. Perfect for meditation and yoga practices. We carry our "soft line" in pink and white combination reminding you of calm and tranquility during your exercise sessions.


Trust and believe that you are the most powerful person in the world. Use that power to grow your body and mind stronger. Embody that power through what you wear because when you feel good, you perform better. Put on your favorite "Powerful One" outfit and conquer the world in style!

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