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Nothing can make you look more stylish while working up a sweat than wearing a complete head-to-toe look from our second collection. Our second collection named, “Powerful Liquid” is a great reminder that it is through hard work that you get to improve yourself and get some gains. The best kind of feat is made through blood, sweat, and tears. And that also applies in working out. Our second collection encourages you to do an extra set, one more mile, holding that plank position a bit longer and sweat it all out!


Why does sweating make us feel motivated during exercise? Experts have weighed in that sweating is a kind of physical and mental release. When you are working hard enough to sweat, you increase your blood flow and help regulate your temperature. Perspiration removes toxins from your body and burns more calories from your routine too. Besides the physical benefits of sweating, it is also good for the mind and the psyche. The more you sweat, the more you feel connected to your exercise. It keeps you concentrated and fully immersed in your workout experience. Sweating also gives you a satisfying feeling afterward. It has this rejuvenating sensation and provides an immediate sense of accomplishment.


Troubled about looking haggard while exercising? Well, our brand makes sure you still look your best while breaking out a sweat. The “Powerful Liquid” collection features playful graphics in its design. A liquid splash is splattered across a solid color prompting you to get your sweat unto our clothes and make that extra step you were supposed to do yesterday! The “Powerful Liquid Hard” line shows a bright red splash on a solid black while the “Powerful Liquid Soft” line has white splashes on a pink base.

And do not worry about your clothes getting all sweaty. Our activewear line is one of the best workout clothes out there for heavy sweating. Our clothes are light-weight, breathable, and are made in dry fit material that provides a cool feeling even when you are dripping in sweat. Our thoughtful sizing means a better fit so that you can get your body moving.
pink base.

Embrace the times when you are at your most raw and real self. Glistening in the background, drenching in sweat as you work that treadmill. Imagine yourself in that powerful scene and of course while wearing our perfectly fitted and stylish Powerful Clothes brand. And lastly, do not forget to always hydrate between breaks!


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