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According to Eastern Philosophy, the paradoxical notion of duality can be found in the natural and material world. This principle of duality is called yin and yang. The yin and yang resemble the perfect balance between two opposing forces in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts. Neither the yin nor the yang can exist without the other. The yin, the dark swirl in the symbol, is associated with shadows, femininity, flexibility, and internal energy. While the yang, the light swirl, characterizes brightness, passion, growth, rigidity, and external energy. Even how seemingly opposite or contrary the two forces are, the energies between the two complement each other bringing peace, optimum health, and potency.


In this Powerful YY collection, we are emphasizing the importance of having a balance between these two forces in fitness, health, and fashion. In exercise, there are also yin and yang routines. Yang types of workouts include heavy lifting and high-intensity training while yin types of workouts include stretching, walking in nature, yoga, and tai chi. Performing only the yang types of exercise can leave you feeling burnt out, unable to relax, and can also slow down the process of muscle recovery. Like almost everything in life, it is all a matter of balance. The harder you train your body, the harder you need to recover. Mixing in a few yin workouts like stretching and meditation can address those issues while still working towards strengthening your body and conditioning your mind. There are plenty of yin and yang workout combinations that can boost your overall performance. Choose the best routine that suits your lifestyle and the best outfit for your routine.


The Powerful YY is a two-part collection consisting of "Powerful YY Hard" and "Powerful YY Soft". Taking direct inspiration from the colors of the yin and yang symbol. With the color black as the dominant color for the “Hard” and a dominating white color for the “Soft”. The designs are embellished with a floral gold accent on the outer edges of the sports bra and hoodie. While our leggings are sporting bold triple side stripes in a contrasting color.


We believe that fitness is not only a matter of intensity but balance, rhythm, order, and harmony. Whether you are feeling yin or feeling yang for the day, this collection has something for you to wear. Or better yet grab a workout buddy and complement each other wearing our matching yin and yang workout apparel.

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